Powder Coating

Patriot Coating has the ability & facilities to process both prototype and production runs with a versatile conveyor system & batch equipment as well.
Our Conveyor System has the capacity to accommodate parts up to 8’ long x 4’ high x 2’ wide. The calibrated on-line oven has both infrared & convective sections that heat parts both quickly and evenly to create a more consistent, uniform finish. Coating equipment includes the industry leading fluidized & box feed Nordson Encore & Gema Optiflex.
A member of our inspection team is permanently located in the Powder Coating Dept to ensure all product is inspected & meets the high-quality standards expected by our customers before packaging.
We take pride in being able to process a wide variety of parts including products with the most stringent specifications or parts which require intricate masking. We can create detailed masking fixtures in house.

Benefits of powder coating: Durable – Economical – Environmentally Friendly

Durability – More resistant to chipping, scratching, fading & wearing. Powders come in a wide variety of chemistries such as Epoxy, Polyesters & Urethanes. The proper chemistry can be chosen based on application of product; is it exposed to weather or chemicals?
Economical – Powder can often be applied at a lower cost than Liquid Coatings depending on configuration of part, substrate & post-coating operations.
Environment – Powders do not have the same hazardous components as solvent based paints which can escape into the atmosphere.

Uses – Widely used in the Medical, Aerospace, Computer and High Tech Hardware industries
Colors & Textures – Powders come in a wide variety of colors & textures. All RAL Colors are available from most powder Mfg’s. Textures range from smooth to wrinkles, hammer tones & sand-textures mostly designed to hide surface imperfections.